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Over the years, we have created many videos to fulfill a wide variety of needs.  Many of our videos can be sampled on the pages they are associated with.  Here is a sampling of some of our more unique favorites:

Documentary - Society of Jesus - Port-au-Prince, Haiti
In 2010, The Republic of Haiti was leveled by a devastating earthquake.  The Jesuits, a Catholic religious order, were immediate responders with people already on the ground.  Foi et Joie, a Haitian run Jesuit school system, began rebuilding Haiti through education, water projects, community building, and construction of new schools and homes.  This film, Foi et Joie, documents the work of this school system and the nation of Haiti six months after the earthquake.  Watch the trailer below:

Music Video - Trevor Earth - New York, NY
This video was shot entirely on black and white 16mm film as a companion piece to Trevor Earth's song "Strange Love"

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