Documentaries -

For long or short form projects that tell a narrative and need more detail than a promotional video, consider sharing your story in a documentary film. Documentaries run the gamut of possibilities. They can be produced for Internet release, theater screenings, or film festivals. We are happy to help you plan your vision! 

A talented and experienced film crew will get all the necessary footage and interviews on location for your needs. Have as much or as little creative input as you desire. 

Check out trailers from some of our past documentaries below:

Trailer - The Swingos Celebrity Inn Documentary - Cleveland, Ohio

This documentary follows the Swingos Celebrity Inn in Cleveland, Ohio from its genesis in 1967 to its closing in 1985. Interviews with the original owner, rock stars like Michael Stanley and Southside Johnny, and Cleveland heroes like Big Chuck and Lil' Jon work together to chronicle the story of a restaurant and hotel that grew into a national sensation in downtown Cleveland at the same time as the city was falling to pieces. The river was burning, the theaters were closing, and the crime rate was climbing all while the WMMS radio station, rock critic Jane Scott, Scene Magazine, the Agora Music Hall, and Swingos created a burgeoning music scene that became the compass for Rock and Roll in the U.S. 

Trailer - Foi et Joie - Society of Jesus - Port-au-Prince, Haiti
In 2010, The Republic of Haiti was leveled by a devastating earthquake.  The Jesuits, a Catholic religious order, were immediate responders with people already on the ground.  Foi et Joie, a Haitian run Jesuit school system, began rebuilding Haiti through education, water projects, community building, and construction of new schools and homes.  This film, Foi et Joie, documents the work of this school system and the nation of Haiti six months after the earthquake.  Watch the trailer below:

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